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Sara Kazmi

Former Project Coordinator

Sara Kazmi is a scholar, translator, and protest singer. She is currently based as a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literatures at the Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Her research looks at poetry and drama from 1970s Punjab, in particular focusing on the re-working of oral, folk genres as a literary mode for subverting the bordering logics of the Indian and Pakistani state, and for critiquing the boundaries drawn by caste, patriarchy and institutional religion in the region. Sara has been involved extensively with the Sangat which is an independent group of artists, writers and musicians engaged in reading and revisiting the Punjab’s literary, musical and theatrical traditions. She is also a student of Indian classical music, blending ragas with folk tunes in her renditions of classical and contemporary Punjabi poetry.

Her academic work has appeared in the South Asia Multi-disciplinary Journal (SAMAJ), the Journal of Socialist Studies, and the South Asia Chronicle, while her literary criticism and long-form writing has been published by the Herald magazine, Dawn Books and Authors, The News on Sunday, and Poetry Birmingham.

Teaching Tools by Sara Kazmi
Close Reading Teaching tool

Presented by

Sara Kazmi
21 October 2021

This teaching tool provides insight into the cultural politics of the Mazdoor Kissan Party (MKP) in Punjab, Pakistan. A brief introduction to the party’s formation, trajectory, historical context, and key intellectuals like, Ali Arshad Mir, Ishaque Muhammad and Sibtul Hassan Zaigham will be provided. However, the focus is on the party’s synthesis of regional histories […]

Journals presented by Sara Kazmi

Mazdoor Kissan Party Circular; later circulated as Proletari​ The Mussalli Speaks: caste, regional identity and language in the poetry of the Mazdoor Kissan Party This paper closely examines the party organ of the Mazdoor Kissan (Workers and Peasants) Party (MKP) in Pakistan, with a particular emphasis on the party’s polemical engagements with Left-wing debates around […]