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Al-Fatah and the Struggle for Press Freedom

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Munema Zahid Niha Nazar Shiza Vaqas
10 May 2023

  Al-Fatah (“The Victory” in Arabic) was a weekly Urdu-language socialist periodical published out of Karachi, Pakistan, from May 1970 till approximately July 1990. It published a wide variety of content, although there was a distinct proclivity towards political topics. Al-Fatah‘s socialist leanings informed many stances that it took during its run. It was decidedly pro-China […]

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Noor us Sahar Maryam Irfan Abdul Haleem
10 May 2023

Tulu was a Soviet state-sponsored publication in Pakistan that was in print from 1967-1991, and stopped production after the fall of the Soviet Union. Headquartered in the Soviet Union, it had Russian and Pakistani co-editors who wrote in Urdu, and later in English as well. The magazine was a part of the cultural war between […]

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Lail-o-Nihar | لیل و نہار

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Ahmad Hasan Cheema Ayan S. Raja
27 April 2023

In 1957, Mian Iftikharuddin’s publishing house, Progressive Papers Limited, began to produce a weekly magazine called Lail-o-Nihar. One of the magazine’s first editors was the renowned writer Syed Sibte Hassan while author Faiz Ahmed Faiz was its Chief Editor. Both individuals and the founder belonged to the left-wing intellectual group in Pakistan, commonly known as […]

A Tale of Two Journals: The Poetics and Politics of Community in Mid-Century North India. Urdu literary culture underwent successive aesthetic and political revolutions in the brief period from 1935 to 1970. These revolutions, for social realism and modernism respectively, were ushered in by the journals Shāhrāh (1949-1960) and Shabkhūn (1966-2005). Entirely opposed in their […]

Mazdoor Kissan Party Circular; later circulated as Proletari​ The Mussalli Speaks: caste, regional identity and language in the poetry of the Mazdoor Kissan Party This paper closely examines the party organ of the Mazdoor Kissan (Workers and Peasants) Party (MKP) in Pakistan, with a particular emphasis on the party’s polemical engagements with Left-wing debates around […]


Initially named “Jabal, Bulletin of the Baluchistan People’s Liberation Front.” Over the course of its circulation, the subtitle intermittently shifted to “The Voice of Balochistan” and “Baluchistan People’s Liberation Front.” Jabal, or Mountain in Balochi, was a cyclostyle pamphlet curated, written, edited, printed, and circulated by members and sympathisers of the Baloch Popular Liberation Front […]