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Hana Morgenstern

Project Lead

Dr Hana Morgenstern is Associate Professor in Postcolonial and Middle East Literature at Cambridge University. She is a co-founder, PI and co-director of Revolutionary Papers.

Dr Morgenstern is a writer, translator and scholar of Middle Eastern literatures and cultural histories of the Left, with a specialization in Palestine and Israel, including Jewish, Hebrew and Arabic literatures and literary cultures. Her current research examines how colonialism and decolonization have shaped literary forms and cultural practices. This includes the formation of anticolonial literatures, cultural journals, organizations and forums, and the role these have played within histories and ongoing processes of decolonization. Her upcoming book Cultural Co-Resistance in Palestine/Israel: Anticolonial Literature, Translation and Magazines (EUP 2024), reconstructs a history of anticolonial Palestinian and Jewish literary collaborations, from the heyday of decolonization in the 1950s to the present day. Recent publications include essays in Journal of Levantine Studies, Modernism/modernity and an upcoming special issue on Revolutionary Papers for Radical History Review.

Teaching Tools by Hana Morgenstern
Close Reading Teaching tool

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Hana Morgenstern
21 February 2022

What can a textual artifact such as a journal’s table of contents tell us about a particular literary culture?  Quite a lot, it turns out, when one begins to excavate the political and cultural networks and practices of a period that are revealed therein. In this tool we will take a closer look at a […]

Journals presented by Hana Morgenstern

Anticolonial Cultural Reconstruction: Periodicals in the Aftermath of Colonial Violence My talk will look at the literary and cultural journal as a vehicle in the (re)construction of culture, literature and popular education in the aftermath of colonial destruction. I will focus on the 1950-60’s anticolonial activities of two Palestinian periodicals, al-Jadid and al-Ittihad, while offering frames and queries […]