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Hana Morgenstern

Project Lead

Dr Hana Morgenstern is a scholar, writer and translator. She is University Lecturer in Postcolonial and Middle East Literature at Cambridge University and a Fellow at Newnham College.

Dr Morgenstern is co-convener of the Documents of the Arab Left Project, Revolutionary Papers and the Archives of the Disappeared Project. Her book, A Literature for All Its People: Anticolonial Aesthetics in Israel/Palestine, is forthcoming in early 2022.

Teaching Tools by Hana Morgenstern
Close Reading Teaching tool

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Hana Morgenstern
21 February 2022

What can a textual artifact such as a journal’s table of contents tell us about a particular literary culture?  Quite a lot, it turns out, when one begins to excavate the political and cultural networks and practices of a period that are revealed therein. In this tool we will take a closer look at a […]

Journals presented by Hana Morgenstern

Anticolonial Cultural Reconstruction: Periodicals in the Aftermath of Colonial Violence My talk will look at the literary and cultural journal as a vehicle in the (re)construction of culture, literature and popular education in the aftermath of colonial destruction. I will focus on the 1950-60’s anticolonial activities of two Palestinian periodicals, al-Jadid and al-Ittihad, while offering frames and queries […]