Revolutionary Papers

Revolutionary Papers is a transnational research collaboration exploring 20th century periodicals of Leftanti-imperial and anti-colonial critical production. Read More

Sonic Lecture: Continental staffriders’ liberation bonfires and dance

I have titled this set Continental staffriders, liberation bonfires and dance borrowing from South Africa’s infamous literary magazine and cultural organization, Staffriders Magazine published between 1978 – 1993. I will be sharing poems, short stories, interviews, and music that speaks to this Magazine’s epic cultural and political aesthetics. The aim is to pay homage to African continental drifters, institutionally outlawed, train door and rooftop riders through music. And to remember the relationship between sound and literature in black radical cultural traditions… read more

Nombuso Mathibela

Nombuso Mathibela is a South African cultural worker, writer, educator, sonic practitioner and vinyl selector. She is the cultural political educator for the African Ecofeminist Collective that works on anti-capitalist ecological justice, political art education and histories. Much of her work aims to question and account for the cultural instincts that inform Black sonic aesthetics […]