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Maryam Irfan

I participated in the Revolutionary Papers Classroom and co-authored a tool on Tulu, a Soviet-funded periodical published in 1950s Pakistan. I am an Economics and Political Science graduate from LUMS University, Pakistan with a deep fascination for South Asian history and politics. Alongside my academic pursuits which involve extensive research and reading, I also run a small business that stems from my hobby of doing hand embroidery.

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Noor us Sahar Maryam Irfan Abdul Haleem
10 May 2023

Tulu was a Soviet state-sponsored publication in Pakistan that was in print from 1967-1991, and stopped production after the fall of the Soviet Union. Headquartered in the Soviet Union, it had Russian and Pakistani co-editors who wrote in Urdu, and later in English as well. The magazine was a part of the cultural war between […]